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Grow Your Mushrooms Larger and Faster

Mycelium-Magic has been proven to grow larger mushrooms in less time.

Making each grow more profitable for commercial farmers and home growers alike.

Giving larger and more healthy mushroom grows


Mushroom growers have always been looking for ways to improve their harvest naturally by adding lime and gypsum to the substrate.

While these methods work Mycelium-Magic can be used instead or in addition for even greater mushroom growth.

Mycelium-Magic is a concentrate in the form of a liquid in which contains many strains of (useful) microorganisms that actually live in the soil where many mushrooms are grown and does not contain genetically modified microorganisms. Mycelium-Magic is formulated to include a stable association of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Using Mycelium-Magic leads to an increase in the content of available nutrients in the substrate and a decrease in the number of antagonist fungi leads to an increase in the yield of mushrooms.

After 2-3 days the cover soil / casing is watered twice with an aqueous solution of Mycelium-Magic containing a stable association of both aerobic and anaerobic leading soil anabiotic microorganisms, with a concentration of 1.0 to 1.2 ml/l . Subsequent watering of the cover soil / casing with an aqueous solution of Mycelium-Magic with a concentration of 1.0 to 1.2 ml/l is carried out after harvesting the first wave of mushrooms. Many Find it convenient to use a spray bottle to gently mist the surface.

Mycelium-Magic is supplied in a 30ml bottle, this bottle will make up to 30 litres of aqueous solution when added to water. For smaller mushroom growing projects you can simply add 1 to 5 drops of Mycelium-Magic to 50ml of clean non chlorinated water. With 600 drops per bottle, Mycelium-Magic goes along way and is great value for money increasing your grow. Drop for drop no other product gives you larger , faster and more healthy grows.

The extensive research conducted by our team posits the notion that the cultivation of both Medical and Magic strains of mushrooms, employing the revolutionary Mycelium-Magic technique, presents a notably heightened therapeutic value. This increase in therapeutic efficacy is primarily ascribed to the augmented concentrations of active compounds found within these mushrooms grown through the Mycelium-Magic cultivation method.

Any Mushroom

Mycelium-Magic can be used on any mushroom crops. You name it and you can use our product. No matter what you use bags, buckets or tubs. Not just mushrooms but will also increase your veggie and fruit harvest.


Faster Growth

Want Faster growth? we all do! Just apply a little Mycelium-Magic to your next grow and harvest your mushroom crop in record time. Great for other crops also.


More Mushroom

Get more mushrooms from every grow. Just add Mycelium-Magic to your next grow and see more and heavier mushrooms. Mycelium-Magic is very cost effective.


Less Problems

Reduce contamination issues when growing mushrooms when you use Mycelium-Magic. Its a extra layer of protection while also growing healthy mushrooms no matter what mushrooms you grow.


Get Mycelium-Magic

Can Easily Get More Mushrooms out of Every Grow

Get 56% To 92.9%

Experience the phenomenon of accelerated mushroom growth in a shorter timeframe with our innovative solution – Cultivate Bigger Mushrooms in Less Time.

Easy to Use

Simply add Mycelium-Magic to water then spray onto the casing layer initially and between harvesting waves to increase yield and decrease grow times. Once you start using Mycelium-Magic you will find lots of ways to include it in your mushroom grow.

Can also be added to compost or mixed into substrate. Great for Mono-tubs or small to large scale mushroom growing.

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